Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Princess and the Pea

Yes I know I need to do a Christmas post, but it is taking way to long to download pictures so instead you get the Princess and her Pea.

Most Princesses put peas under their matresses to prove they are a princess..  Kairi she puts them up her nose!

Yep see that little green in that little nose, thats a nice size PEA
So off to insta care I went.  It was to far up there for me to do anything about it.  They have this great little tool that they use for removing ear wax, well it also removes PEAS quite well.  They told me they use it often, peas are a popular item up kids nose.  $91 later we have the pea removed.  All I could was laugh at her it was so funny.  She was a trooper until they had to get it out then she cried.  But she isn't afraid of peas she actually wanted more when we got home, NO I DIDN"T GIVE HER ANY!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakfast is served

Pretty much think I better write a Parenting Book.
Hmm what would I title it?

Zion National Park

What an amazing trip this was!!
Cody + Zion + laughing non stop + amazing weather + Amazing scenery = Best week ever!

I conquered my fear that week.  I walked up this:   Angels Landing
Oh don't worry thats a chain you get to hold on to, with a 1000+ drop on the other side, at points the drop off was on both sides of you

Scaled a mountain FAST

Made it to the top of Angels Landing, we made it in record amount of time.  Well for us, specially being the first time we were on this hike.   I was an angel on angels landing...without becoming a dead angel.
I tapped Angels Landing, Patrick was there he knows!!

It was an incredible view once you got to the top of Angels Landing.  But the wind was blowing, and it was cold and I knew what I had to hike back down...and I was still nervous.
What you go up you must go down.  This is how pretty much I looked coming down the entire thing, all you see is the top of my head.  I wouldn't stop I wouldn't look around because if I stopped and saw what was around me I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep going.  So as a famous fish once said "just keep moving, just keep moving"  Thanks Dori, you were an amazing Motivation.  Oh and Thanks to Cody for being an amazing motivation as well I couldn't have done it without you....and yes you to Patrick glad we conquered together. 
Guess I'll have to go again to see what I missed

Observation Point

He was confused on if we go up or down...but there was a crease in the middle of Witchita.  I kept telling him, don't fold the map!
Amazing East Canyon we got to go through to get to Observation Point.

I could have stood on the top of that Mountain all day and looked over the Valley.  It was Amazing and so peaceful.  What a wonderful creation we have right in our own back yard.  Good thing it only took me 29 years to see this all!  Good thing Cody kidnapped me and told me I was doing this hike with him!  Good thing the day before we accidentally stumbled upon this path while trying to find Weeping Rock. 

Angels Landing from the top of Observation Point - yeah it looks so little and like its nothing!!  But see that strip going all the way across?  Yep thats what WE crossed with a chain as our guide.  That hike is the adreniline rush of hikes, Observation Point is the hike of hikes! 

Our furry little friend...oh Im sorry one of MANY of our furry little friends.  He was just hungry and wanted to find food.  I squeeled when he got on my leg, he tickled.   Cody was trying to take one home by trapping it his trail mix bag - could he help it if the chipmunk got in it all by himself.  Dont worry we checked all our bags to make sure we didn't have a hitchiker.

By Emerald Pools.
So many amazing experiences this trip.  Right after we took this picture by the pool we started to the Grotto and his shirt is from the Hard Rock in New Mexico.  We happened to pass a couple that was from New Mexico and of course thats like a conversation starter.  But he fought fires there this summer and he told them that and they looked at him gave him a big hand shake and Thanked him for all his hard work.  For saving so many of there "things" it was an amazing experience to be witnessing I wanted to hug all 3 of them.    Just one of many of the experiences we had while there.   I conquered my fear and proofed to myself and otheres that I could hike Angels Landing.  I laughed more those 4 days, more than I ever remember laughing.   I left Kairi over night well many nights for the first time with Grandma and I only called twice! I had such an amazing trip Thanks Cody for being a part of it, well letting me be apart of it I did invite myself, or did you kidnap me:?  I don't remember... either way -   Until our next adventrure..... RIGHT!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For Jeanette

For Jeanette who says I don't ever update my blog. (okay so I don't) So here is a wrap up since July.... Now you can see us, and know what we have been up to. Or you could just come see us more :)

Had a Party, cause you know I turned one, and got a lot of presents
Got to eat Cake, YUM

Went to Montana for my FIRST Parker Family Reunion. What a C R A Z Y Bunch!! Got to sleep in a tent, and play in the lake!

I learned how to walk right after this trip!

Went Swimming with Mom a lot, I love the water!

Found time for a bath

Got to take rides with my boyfriend Korver.

I hide really well from Mom

I like to ride, umm stand on my bike

I take care of my own laundry

1st Plane ride. Destination: Denver Colorado Aug 11, 2011

In Denver For Kristen and Collins Wedding. Aww aren't they cute!

At the wedding

Flight home...ohh wait the plane left without us. We got to stay in Denver one more day. Aug 14, 2011. But I learned all about the moving sidewalk FUN.

I love to read books! In a chair, in a tub, anywhere sam I am!

Lady sticks are so much fun!

AND I Finally found the movie I was looking for!

And Router, he needs pictures too!!

Hope you feel the love. We had a great BUSY summer, I just stink at blogging about it!

Monday, July 18, 2011


How did you go from this:


I'm pretty sure I blinked and you were already one!! How this past year has flown by and you have grown up so much, learned so much, and taught me so much. Kairi we love you and I am blessed to have you join my life one year ago today!! We love you more than you will ever know!!



Mom and Dad

(birthday pictures to come soon..check back)